The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) – Chennai

Krishna literally “dark, black, dark-blue” is a central figure of Hinduism. He is known as the eighth and “complete” avatar (As per Gaudia Vaishnavism while other beliefs including Madhva sampradaya consider all forms of Lord Vishnu to be equal) of Lord Vishnu,( As per the North Indian belief, Krishna is the eighth avatar, while as per south Indian belief, Balarama is considered as the eight avatar and Krishna as the ninth) come to restore Dharma to the earth in a time of great dharmic imbalance. Krishna is identified as a historical individual who participated in the events of the Mahabharata.

Lord Krishna instructing the Bhagavad Gita to ...

Lord Krishna instructing the Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna in Kurukshetra.

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Universal Temple In Chennai

Long back i visited and too late to post about Universal Temple(UT),in other words it defines about Universal Religion,Temple is with Indian style Architecture.You can see seven feet tall statue of Sri Ramakrishna here.

Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission are twin organizations which form the core of a worldwide spiritual movement (known as Ramakrishna Movement or Vedanta Movement), which aims at the harmony of religions, harmony of the East and the West, harmony of the ancient and the modern, spiritual fulfillment, all-round development of human faculties, social equality, and peace for all humanity, without any distinctions of creed, caste, race or nationality.

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Chandragiri Fort (4th capital of Vijayanagar Empire)

Chandragiri fort is located in Chittor district,which is around 15KM from Tirupati railway station.The actual fort is on the top of the hill.Pictures in album is the place where Sri Krishna Devaraya stay when ever he visit Chandragiri for defence and tax related issues,according to the employees working there.I reach chandragiri by bus from tirupathi which is just 20 mins travel,from chandragiri bus stop to fort we reached by auto cost 30INR.Ticket for a local person(Indian) is 5INR for a foreign nationsl is 100INR.

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Hampi (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

I visited Hampi in the year 2005 with my friends.Its very beautiful with Boulder hills and Thungabadhra river,little bit hot comparitively to banglore,but we all enjoyed well.Archtectual beauty of temples are awsome,through out the year thousands of foreign nationals visit this place to know the histoy of Indian Kings.It is around 350Km from Banglore.Rented bikes and bicycles also availble for tourists.


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