Lord Vishnu Temple @ Thiruvadanthai

Thiruvadanthai is located on the ChennaiMahabalipuram around 2 KM North to Crocodile Bank.Famous Temple Constructed in 7th Century according to priest and 14th of Pallava King constructed this temple.This is one among 108 shrines of Lord Vishnu.Famous for remove obstacles who are wishing to get married.

Timings: 7am to 1pm and 3pm to 8pm

Thiruvidanthai Village Entrance

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Lord Murugan Temple @ Tiruttani

Lord Muruganis more popular in South India especially among Tamil people famously referred as Thamizh Kadavul (God of Tamils) compared to other parts of India. He is the patron deity of the Tamil land (Tamil Nadu). In Karnataka he is popular as “Subrahmanya” and is often associated with snakes.

Lord Murugan 2

Lord Murugan (Pic By Benson Kua)

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Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple-KADIRI

Narasimha mean “Man-lion”, is an avatar of the Lord Shri Vishnu.

Kadiri is a Small town, Mandal and a municipality in the southeastern part of Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh, India. The Lord Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple is located in this town, and large numbers of Hindu pilgrims visit the Temple throughout the year.The name Kadiri is a vernacular name for the Sanskrit word, Khadri, meaning Canary wood or Indian mulberry . Legend has it that the Lord Sri Khadri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy has emerged out of this tree in this place and hence the name.

Vishnu with his 10 avatars (incarnations): Fis...

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Chandragiri Fort (4th capital of Vijayanagar Empire)

Chandragiri fort is located in Chittor district,which is around 15KM from Tirupati railway station.The actual fort is on the top of the hill.Pictures in album is the place where Sri Krishna Devaraya stay when ever he visit Chandragiri for defence and tax related issues,according to the employees working there.I reach chandragiri by bus from tirupathi which is just 20 mins travel,from chandragiri bus stop to fort we reached by auto cost 30INR.Ticket for a local person(Indian) is 5INR for a foreign nationsl is 100INR.

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Hampi (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

I visited Hampi in the year 2005 with my friends.Its very beautiful with Boulder hills and Thungabadhra river,little bit hot comparitively to banglore,but we all enjoyed well.Archtectual beauty of temples are awsome,through out the year thousands of foreign nationals visit this place to know the histoy of Indian Kings.It is around 350Km from Banglore.Rented bikes and bicycles also availble for tourists.


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