Chennai-High Court

The Madras High Court is a senior court located at Chennai (Madras), in India. The court buildings, which are believed to be the second largest judicial complex in the world, are located near the beach, in one of the city’s major business districts.British India’s three presidency towns of Madras (Chennai), Bombay (Mumbai), and Calcutta (Kolkata) were each granted a High Court by letters patent dated 26 June 1862.

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Anna Library-Chennai

Some times i visit to ACL to get some information about travel,this is one of the Largest Library in Asia accoeding to wiki.Built on 8 acres of land, the 9-floor library building houses a total area of 333,140 sq. ft and has a capacity to accommodate 1.2 million books. The library also boasts a high-tech section for the visually-impaired, with talking books and Braille displays. Parking space exists for about 420 cars and 1,030 two-wheelers.

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Golden Temple – Vellore

Last weekend we choose to visit Golden Temple at Vellore,This is my second visit to temple after three years why we planned to this place is by the end of the day we can reach home(anyway it depends up on traffic),and this is not much longer distance from Chennai.This is one of the Largest Golden Temple in world with more than 1.5 tonnes gold used.

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Indian King Face on Google Earth,Its very Intresting

Most of my time i dream about world travel,if not in search of interesting books(apart from fiction),Its enough about me will tell you on some other time…Yeah we are back now ..and i came across “Indian Alien” words in Google page and got this info i killed some 2 hours time again in search of this and that related to History.You can see Indian King face on Google Earth,Very Clearly you can see this kings Forehead,Chin,Neck,Lips,Nose,Nostrils,Eye & Eye lid, Hair,Hat line, Shoulders,Clothing over the shoulders,Crown also clearly show Indian King. Continue reading