Chandragiri Fort (4th capital of Vijayanagar Empire)

Chandragiri fort is located in Chittor district,which is around 15KM from Tirupati railway station.The actual fort is on the top of the hill.Pictures in album is the place where Sri Krishna Devaraya stay when ever he visit Chandragiri for defence and tax related issues,according to the employees working there.I reach chandragiri by bus from tirupathi which is just 20 mins travel,from chandragiri bus stop to fort we reached by auto cost 30INR.Ticket for a local person(Indian) is 5INR for a foreign nationsl is 100INR.

You can see in pictures some of the statues have no heads,according to fort guide,those are HINDU GOD statues, broken my muslim kings in those days.Before entrance into the KIng fort you can see two cannons.That is a 3 storage building,we can see Historical paintings and sclupture in first two stairs.In first you can see Pooja equipments and Weapons and in second you can see Canon balls and some currency coins of Vijanagara rulers and some big Precious metal statues.

Opposite to the fort you can see the pond,constructed for some military purpose in those days,now it is for boating purpose for visitors,you can find couple of small old boats.Another building on the right hand side to the entrace gate is Rani Mahal(Queens Building),but there is no entrace for that building.Lot of place out side of the fort to play.At this place you did not find any food,if u plan to visit this go with some food,out side you can find some street food,but not sure.

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