Dakshina Chitra

DakshinaChitra is an exciting cross cultural living museum of art, architecture, lifestyles, crafts and performing arts of South India.You can explore 17 heritage houses, amble along recreated streetscapes, explore contextual exhibitions, interact with typical village artisans and witness folk performances set in an authentic ambience.DakshinaChitra literally means – “a picture of the south”.Take a glimpse of DakshinaChitra through an interesting easy to browse map.DakshinaChitra is in Chennai (Madras) in Southern India.

Craft Shop Left To The Entrance

Ticket Counter Opposite To Craft Shop

Soil Pots & Some Creative Designs In Lawn

Ganesh Statue Near Lawn

Traditional Violin

Route To Traditional Houses Of South Indian States

Stone Path

Beautiful Handmade Paintings

Water Boiler

Better Carry Water Bottle With Us

You Can Exhibit Your Creative Work

Carvings On Marble

Nice Mirrors Designed With Shells

On The Way To A Traditional House

A Traditional House In Kerala(Replica)

Designs Of God On The Entrance Door

Architecturally Beauty Of Indian Door

Inside The House

History Of Tamil Script

For Harati

Musical Instruments

Huge Copper Pot For Drinking Water

Open Space In The Middle Of The House



Like Sphinx

Indian God Statue

Peacock Statue-Lord Murugan On Top

Lord Balaji

Pooja Equipment

Small & Medium Sized Copper Pots

Musical Instruments Used In Temples

Some More Houses

Near a Wooden Chariot

Basket Weavers House

Chicken Coop