Five Rathas/Chariots In Mahabalipuram

Five Rathas Stand For monolith Indian rock-cut architecture dating from the late 7th century by Pallava Kings.Sea Beach is  very near to this place might be that reason the compound is filled with sand by nature.All are cropped from Pink Granite and not fully finished.Five Rathas Named After Pandavas.Some are multi pillared chariots.

Ethereal Animal For Durga Goddess

Draupadi‘s Chariot-Small and Hut Shaped

Durga Goddess Image Inside Chariot

First View Inside RathaGoddess Durga Carving With Other Images(Might be Worshipers)

Lion Sculpture In front of Draupadi’s Chariot

Lion Sculpture From Side View

This Monolith is in middle(triangle) of 3 Chariots,Arjuna,Nakula Sahadeva and Bheema Chariot .Importance not traced.

Arjuna’s Chariot Next to Draupadi’s Chariot,almost similar in Size to Draupadi’s Chariot,Lion Carving Beside Steps & This is Dedicated To Lord Shiva,Entry Is with Two Lean Pillars,Top is carved with Hindu Gods and Lions.

Nandi/Bull Carving Behind Arjuna’s Chariot.Generally Nandi will be in front of Lord Shiva.Arjuna’s Chariot is dedicated for Lord Shiva,Nandi is Behind Lord Shiva in this Location.

Nakula-Sahadeva Chariot is In Front Of Arjuna Chariot,Dedicated To Lord Indra.If You Keenly Observe This Sculpture,It Seems Like Mult-Decored Chariot.

Bhima Chariot Is Huge Among All Chariots Might Be Symbolic For His Personality.

Double Decored With Designs.Every Pillar Is Carved With Lion Images.

Of All Five Chariots This Is Very Well Designed And This Is The Last One From Entrance.

Some Images Are Clear Seen On This Chariot

From This End Actually We Have To Start,1.Dharma Raja,2.Bheema,3.Arjuna,4.Nakula,5.Sahadeva,,With Wife Draupadi




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