Kondapalli Fort In Eastern Ghats

One Of The Entrance @ Fort

Kondapalli Fort Constructed Around 14th Century In Eastern Ghats By Hindu Kings.This Fort Was Under Control Of Muslim Kings For Some Time Later By British As a Defense Point.(Post Contains Around 65 Images)

On The Way To Fort,Entire Way Is With Trees,Deep Curves.I Did Not See Any Person Up To Fort.Better Choose A Vehicle Have Tubeless Tyre For Bikes.

This Fort Is Located In Eastern Ghats

Left Hand Side From Entrance

First View At Fort

Img From Wiki

Might Be This Entrance Called Golconda (Darwaza or Entrance).Huge in Size.Front View

Wall Connected To Golconda Entrance

Rear View Of The Wall

Saw A Small Gate After Walk In From That Huge Entrance,Wall Seems To Be Weak,Old Green Walls Have To Maintain Well

Entered From That Small Gate,Found Way To Go Out From Fort,,Strategic…

Ruined Building Just Left With Walls & Pillars.Cloud Looks Nice In This Picture.Damn Hot Climate On That Day

Close View Of Ruined Buildings.This Fort Invaded By Muslim Kings,Later By Britishers.

Eye Catching Design On Pillar

Image From Wiki-Year 1898

View From Top

DD Station Tower From Fort

From Wiki-Year 1898

Traditional Discothek ,With Natural lighting,In Nature,With Live Music Ahhh….Royal Enjoyment.Anyway Better Look Inside How It Will Be

Dance Floor Is Small, Almost Size Of A Bed,I Felt What Kind Of Dance They Enjoyed On A Cot Size Shaped Floor…Almost 700 Years Back..Nothing Is Cleaned Here,Neglected.I Saw Some Places In Tamilnadu,They Will Give Lot Of Importance To Tourist Spots.

Top Is Very Well Ventilated

Entrance & Window From Dance Floor

Steps To The Ground Floor,Might Be Where King Stay

Seems Like Small Hole To Go Out

Corner Of The Steps,Might Be That Cut On Wall For To Put Oil Lamp

Hmm,This is Way To Enter To Hall(Left Hand Side).You Can See Another Gate To Ste Out From Fort…Very Interesting.

Inside Arched Hall From Dance Floor Door.See Size Of Wall Thickness

Emergency Exit

Way Back To Ruined Building Place.Good Light Coming To This Kind Of Steps,,Very Well Planned

Stones On Top,I am On Steps

Small Hole,Medium Size Person Can Fit In This Leads Out From Fort

Way To Reach Water Pool Area,You Already Saw Water Pool Pic Above

Spacious, Comfortable To Play Cricket In Fort,Can Take Shower In Pool Also…See There Is a Way On Right  Side Near The Tree…Lets Move To That Corner

This Is The Way,From Long It Appear Nice,Take Care While Stepping On These Stones,,Fort Is With No Of Snakes

OMG,,Carvings Of Lord Vishnu..Almost 700 Year Back ..Thrown Out Here.In Tamilnadu You Did’t Find Anywhere Like This.I Didn’t See Any One To Visit This Corner,,Don’t Know Who Gone Take Care Of These Precious Stone Carvings.

Watch Tower @ Left Corner Top…Just One More Step From This Place To Reach Heaven

This Pic Captured From Watch Tower Area,You Can Reach To This Place By The Steps On The Opposite Side.Now We Are Moving Out From This Place By Those Steps.

Find Some Way Just Moving…

This Way Leads To Water Reserves On Hill,,Before That We Better Take Left Turn At That Big Tree.

Nothing Is There At That Tree So That I Came Little Bit Ahead O That & Saw This Board Queens Building

Empty Entrance Walls

See The Entrance For A Couple Of Shops

Market Yard Is Very Spacious,Comfortable For Soccer Here.See That  Entrance On Left Side,Now We Are Moving Towards That Way

Must See Spots In Forts,,Weapon Storage & Prison

Another Entrance.Green Looks Good In The Middle

Prison Entrance,No One Is Here.Second Thought Came In Which Animal Will Come Out From This Prison Room

Inside Prison

Square Shaped Cut For Light,This Is Around In 15Ft Height

Tophkhana Is Anglo Indian Word Where Artillery & Ammunition Stored.Just Next To Prison.Might Be For Prisoners Comfort.

Yuk!!!Floor Is With Shit,,All Bats..

This Is One Corner In Artillery Room

Nice View From Tophkhana Back

On The way

Way To Fort Entrance

Way To Home






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