Tiger Cave @ Mamallapuram

Tiger Cave 

It is located 4km before Mamallapuram from Chennai.Got its name from Carvings of tiger heads on rocks in 8th Century by Pallava Kings.This Place is very close to the sea beach but not the right place to play in beach.

Tiger Cave Entrance

Palm Tree Lined Way To Tiger Carved Rock

Figurehead of Tiger Cave

Carving On Side Of The Rock Gave The Name –Tiger Cave

Couple of Elephant Head On The Same Rock

Tiger Cave Rock

Seems To Be Like Out Line Sketch Of a Leopard,Next To Tiger Cave Rock

Shiva Linga In Tiger Cave Compound

Shiva Linga In Tiger Cave Compound

Small Temple In Beside Siva Linga

Some Designs Of Temple Wall

Another Design On Wall

Script Around 1300 Years Ago, Breakthrough of an inscription on one of these led to the excavation of the Subrahmanya Temple

Rock Behind Siva Linga

Design Left To Nandi

Nandi Opp To Siva Linga