Undavalli Caves / Cave Temple

The Undavalli Caves an example of Indian rock-cut architecture and a finest testimonial of ancient vishwakarma sthapathis, are located in the village of Undavalli in Guntur District.Major Part of the Architecture Resembles Hinduism Including art on the walls and pillars.Second & Third Floor is with splendid Carving and Temple.

Rock Cut Architecture Of Caves in 4th Century

Entrance to Cave Temple

About Temple

View From First Floor

Left Side To The Entrance You Find These Caves,Steps Are Not In Proper Way.Better Step On That White Stone First…

These Chambers Seems To Be Very Small,Purpose Not Known

Elephant & Bull Images Carve(Almost 1500–1700 Years Ago)On The Top Of Those Small Caves

You Can See Some More Carvings On The Right Hand Side Of The Temple Also…

Observe That Carving ,Its Like Ganesha Image,Still Images are Clear…Really Superb(Carving)

Image Is Not Clear Here,Might Be Painting

Way to Some More Carvings,All These Are At Right Side Of Cave,See Those Two

These Two Are Empty,Might Be Due To Moss Rock Looks Dark Green

These Two Are Next To That Empty Carvings.Both Are Like Shiva Lingas,Bot Top Of Those Architecture Is Different

Small Temple In That Cave,See Those Carvings On Top,1.3 faced 2.2faced,3.Not Clear(Vishnu)…Brahma ,Shiva,Vishnu Called As Trimurti

Brahma (Creator)-3 Faced Image

Lord Shiva

Those Two Triangle Shaped Cuts Hold Oil Lamp(Sesamel Oil)

Design Are Nice At That Entrance,But This Small Temple Is Shelter For Rats & Bats,Govt Have TO Care

Bats In Temple,Bad Smell,,,Cant Stand There Even For a Pic ,,Filled With Shit

First Look Of Cave Temple

Its a 4 four storied cave,First Two You Can See In Pic

Pics In First Floor

Lot Of Pillars With Out Any Images

Way 2 Second Floor

Second Floor Entrance, Wooden Steps Arranged Left Side & Top Is In Black Color

Second Floor Side View

Pics In Second Floor

Narasimha Swamy(Man Lion)

Second Floor Pillars & Wall Are With Images Of God & Goddesses

Way 2 Third Floor,Turmeric Pasted On Every Step

Captured From Steps

Below 3 Pics are Different,Observe Hair Styles & Left Hand

I Didn’t See This Kind Of Pic,Man With a Musical Instrument Between 2 Lions

Padmanaba Swamy Temple In 3rd Floor

In Third Floor Most Of The Pillars Containing Carvings

4th Floor Is With No Of Monkeys

4th Floor

View From 4th Floor